How Nature and Art Informs Our Lives

Nature has been the subject of art ever since humans started expressing themselves on cave walls.  Sometimes their art is the only thing left that can tell us about ancient human experiences.  Art is a powerful communicator in that it can both express a point of view and invoke feelings. Because I am a visual artist, looking at and being in nature is the way I understand how to navigate my life. I see nature as a teacher. Below are two of my first collages. 

At first, I was seduced by the physical beauty of nature, its shapes, forms, colors and textures.

But as I pondered the natural world and how miraculous the process of a seed growing and blooming is, the profundity of it lured me deeper, past the surface and into the energetic side of things.

Concepts like reciprocity, cycles, process, life, death, release, transformation and abundance are all playing out before our eyes. There are miracles everywhere if we stop and take a deeper look.  These natural processes have energies that guide and inform me through the cycles of my life.

My intention is to have a visual conversation about the beauty and energy of the natural world through art, so we can remember that we are deeply connected to nature and each other.

Life is so beautiful and so are we!