Living an Authentic Life.

Every year I pick a word that symbolized my intention for that year. For 2021 my word is Authenticity.

I chose this word because in my work as an artist I noticed how much I doubted my own voice. I had let other people’s opinion and my own insecurities dictate what I do. I eventually did not enjoy creating anymore because I was not creating from joy which always indicates my authentic point of view.

As I pondered this word it became bigger that my studio. It was an invitation to explore how I will move forward in my life authentically as a 57-year-old woman.  

I discovered that I was using my mind to figure everything out. I thought it was me! Now I know my mind is a tool that I use. She is good for analysis, reasoning and data gathering, but when I used her to make decisions it became a ping pong match between pros and cons with no solution in sight. This became draining and made me feel inadequate because I could not find “the right answer”.

That is because my mind cannot make decisions, only I can. Poor thing was working on overdrive and becoming incessant because I was asking her to do something she is NOT designed to do. She needs help from my heart. My heart has been left out of my process because I have been taught that feelings are mushy and unreliable and that the heart is soft.  

How wrong was I! The heart knows, is intuitive, strong, and always tells me the truth. But I must tune into her.  If it feels yucky it IS. If it feels good it IS. Very simple!

Now I use my brain and my heart in tandem working together for my benefit. This allows me to make clear authentic choices for my unique life path.  I trust myself and therefore I can BE myself.

If you have a word for the year I would love to hear!